Eternal Flame
                 Animal Healing
For Missy
Please pray for healing with y little pet dog, Missy. Lift her up with strength.
For Rah
Abby, who is getting older and her joints not as good, 
Rex for his enlarged heart and unknown seizures, 
Tommy for the battle of cancer that he was able to overcome, 
Cleo for her skin and fur issues, 
Ducky for his tilt and loss of balance, 
Annie for her spunkiness and weakness in her leg, 
Tiggy for her jealous ways.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
For Crni, cat
 He is Weak
For Bruno the dog
Recovering from surgery
For Ozzy the cat
sudden weight loss and difficulty feeding

For Fay

Fay's hurt foot.


For Kaylee

Kaylee's cough due to fluid on the lungs


Eternal Candles Est. 2004