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Healing prayers for Christina, Gretchen, George and their families.
Thank you Lord

May the love of the Goddesss suround all those who have contracted covid 19. We pray for a speedy and successful recovery for all.

Gretchen and George
Lord I am feeling anxiety, please help me I can not take it anymore. Lord it is too much this has been happening for awhile Lord, I need healing. Lord I need you so husband and I need healing for our health and marriage and getting along. Thank you Lord I have been depressed too. Lord I give this all to you Lord thank you husband needs healing for his eye doctors appointment today for healing

For my Daughter Abigail

I am having health problems and wish to stop smoking .
So Mote It Be!

Please remove the cancer and heal my beloved friend's body from all pain and suffering.  

Please send hope and protection on this part of my journey. I must not fear to walk the one mile to the ocean, because it grounds me in peace.
Thank you

To Blossom ...For Complete healing of her entire body especially her throat That she will swallow without choking.

Kevin Darnell Jones Jr.
Request prayers for my son, to free his trouble mind from all NEGATIVITIES. To be free of alcohol and drugs.........and to continue being his studies

For Mary Elizabet 
This candle is for my daughter, Mary. She's very ill tonight & needs to feel better so she can take her final exam tomorrow. Help her to feel better & bless her with Peace of Mind


My best friend is fighting anorexia. I hope she gets better really soon so we can go on our trip together.

For Our Dad Gino 
Diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I ask Saint Peregrine to take this cancer away from his body and heal his body, mind, and soul.
Emilia, Julie, Theresa

For Bev
For our beloved Bev who is critically ill. May you recover and come home to all the people who love you so dearly. You are sorely missed Bev

For my daughter to be healed her eyes to be back to normal and she should not fall sick as she is a special needs. Make her gain and restore back her life, and as for my loving husband take away all his pain and gallstone acidity and make him strong and healthy with little fat in him he is too thin make heal both my loved ones thank you thank you thank you.

For my mother to heal her pains sorrows and heartaches that she is going through her body.

Take away all negative and harm troubles sorrows hardships sickness poverty evil bad eyes all bad and negative be gone Andy should forget and forgive for now he should not ask for his money till when its right time for us to give not now till next year make him forget or forgive please till we have the money .
To all those who are suffering from poverty and hardships of life be gone for ever happiness and peace joy love family all come in good tidings.


For Fleury Rose
Hold on, Stay Strong and you will be fine as swiftly as ever!!! :D


For Short-Bird MSE
To bring you hope


For Hayley
To Hayley may you have inner and outer peace
and may your mind be healed forever and always.


For Leonard
Get well soon


For Phil
For a successful heart operation and a speedy recovery


For Toni
Get well soon Toni


For Wolfciara
Get well soon Wolfciara


For Moonwitch
Get well soon Moonwitch


For  Anthony Leal Rodriguez 
Get Well Soon Anthony
Heavenly Father, watch with us over your child Anthony, and grant that he may be restored to that perfect health which it is yours alone to give; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


For Sinjin
Healing for Sinjin


For R. L. Hendrix
I am praying for the salvation of R.L. Hendrix and that he will walk in the purpose that God has for him. Also that God suddenly restores (heals) our relationship and allows our testimony to win others to Christ and uses us to further build the kingdom

May this energy surround you and hold you.
You are so special and so loved by many

Joey Hummingbird


For the friend of Lady Antaris
Beloved Goddess, I ask of you to be with my friend during this difficult time. May you hold her close to you, protect and bless her. Heal her with your love. Give her strength and faith. And knowledge that she is special and very loved. She deserves the very best for her generous, kind soul. In blessed love, and trust,
Blessed Be!


For Merle Baum
May he have healing to both his physical self and acceptance for his higher self.


For the people  of Japan

Healing and comfort to the people of Japan and all those affected by the Earthquake and following tsunami's


For the people  of New Zealand
Healing for the people of Christchurch New Zealand


For Julia

Please guide Julia towards the right path in this life. She feels she has no purpose and is lost.

Thank you Blessed Be


For Mindy

Healing for all the health issues she suffers. Energy to make life easier.


For Irmene Regis 
She had by-pass surgery years ago but has circulatory problems, feeling warm or hot most of the time and needing a fan, has diabetes and Parkinson's disease


For Yanick Rmaida 
High blood pressure, thyroid, swelling feet, knee pain and hair loss. (Feels she is put in a dim light by injustice of others)


For M J Van Ravestein
I ask for healing for my mother. She has COPD which is a serious lung disease and she cannot stop smoking. She also has diabetes and a weight problem. My mother has suffered from psychosis, seeing negative spirits and hearing voices.


For Stephanie Ferriere
Stephanie has MS and has had a rough year. Please send healing power to help her feel better soon.


For Lady Katherina
Health issue related to her heart condition causing her to be tired


For Diane
Healing from effects of work injury I had in 1999 when teaching. Healing from abuse I have been going through for 9 years, over issues of getting them to pay medical care.


For T
After his second operation to heal his back, please send all your healing to him for a speedy and successful recovery.


For  Cyma
Energy to undertake treatment of a long standing illness of the blood vessels in the legs and understanding that she needs more competent medical attention.


For Alan and Family 
The doctors believe Alan has reached the end of this life's journey, and I ask for his peaceful transition to his next adventure. I ask for healing for Alan's family who are facing this while still grieving the loss of his wife and sister-in-law.


For P. J Hunter
P. J is a 16 year old autistic boy. He has several seizures including walking seizures in the last few months. Tests have not discovered the reason - From Sherry Womack


For Irene Bull
Please send healing energy to recover quickly


For Robert Watts
Robert is fighting cancer of the kidneys and the complications that came with the illness

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